Prescribing Behavior

Kent E. M. Groves, Neil J. MacKinnon, Ingrid S. Sketris
Research Summary: 

Purpose of Study
The purpose of this chapter was to provide pharmacy students insight into the multiple influences that impact health care professionalsí prescribing behavior.

Research Approach/Method
The authors performed a literature review using key words and word strings related to factors influencing physician prescribing behaviour.

Key Overarching Message
This chapter identifies the primary models that clarify the variables that influence prescribing behaviour. Additionally, it presents models used by the pharmaceutical industry to develop marketing strategies that increase prescription pharmaceutical sales.

Key Findings
The authors discuss the process by which an innovation in prescribing is communicated among health professionals in a social system. They also outline the steps in the innovation-decision process. In addition, the authors consider practice characteristics (e.g., demographics, location of practice and nature of practice).