Pharmaceutical Care in Community Pharmacies: Practice and research in Canada

Erika J. M. Jones, Neil J. MacKinnon, Ross T. Tsuyuki
Research Summary: 

To discuss the provision of pharmaceutical care in community pharmacies in Canada including the following topics: organization and delivery of health services, health service policy, methods of payment, types of pharmacy services provided, types of cognitive pharmacy services, research in community pharmacy, and future plans for community pharmacy services.

Data Synthesis
The implementation of pharmaceutical care in Canadian community pharmacies continues to become more widespread. However, barriers to the provision of pharmaceutical care still exist, including the current shortage of pharmacists and lack of reimbursement systems for cognitive services. Evidence of the value of pharmaceutical care in Canadian community pharmacies has been supported by several pharmacy practice research projects. The pharmacist's role in patient care is expected to continue to expand.

Although Canadian pharmacists' capabilities are not yet universally recognized and applied to their full potential, there is reason to be optimistic about the future of pharmaceutical care in the community setting in Canada.