The Impact of Statins on Health Services Utilization and Mortality in Older Adults Discharged from Hospital with Ischemic Heart Disease: A cohort study

Charmaine A. Cooke, Susan A. Kirkland, Ingrid S. Sketris, Jafna Cox
Research Summary: 

Purpose of Study
The purpose of this study was to determine if statins affect outcomes, such as mortality and health services use, in a senior population with heart disease.

Research Approach/Method
The authors used administrative data to determine if Nova Scotia seniors with heart disease benefitted from using statins after hospital discharge.

Key Overarching Message
Results suggest that seniors with heart disease benefit from taking statins. While using statins did not reduce health services use, such as physician visits or hospitalizations, it did decrease seniors' death rate after hospital discharge.

Key Findings
Use of statins was associated with a 26% reduction in all-cause mortality in seniors who received this medication after hospital discharge. Statin use was not associated with subsequent reductions in health service utilization, including re-hospitalizations, physician visits, or coronary revascularization procedures. Only 38% of seniors with heart disease discharged from hospital received a statin after discharge.