The Effects of Manitoba Pharmacare Formulary Policy on Utilization of Prescription Medications

Anita Kozyrskyj, Colette Raymond, Matthew Dahl, Okechukwu Ekuma, Jennifer Schultz, Mariana Sklepowich, Ruth Bond
Research Summary: 

Prescription drug coverage policies vary widely across Canada and drug benefit managers are frequently searching for good quality evidence on real-world medication cost-effectiveness and safety, in order to make informed decisions on formulary listing policies. Manitoba Health offers a province-wide, income-based drug insurance program, according to a published list of prescription benefits in its Pharmacare Formulary that are reimbursed as open listing (Part 1), according to established criteria (Part 2) or with prior approval (Part 3). This MCHP deliverable evaluated the impact of Manitoba's Pharmacare Formulary policies and other societal factors on the utilization of prescription medications in Manitoba.