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Régis Blais

Professor and Director

Department of Health Administration

University of Montreal


Institut de recherche en santé publique de l’Université de Montréal (formerly GRIS)

University of Montreal

Team Role: 
Team Member


Dr. Blais is a health services researcher whose work focuses on the optimal use, access, quality and safety of health services including prescription drugs. He has published, inter alia, on the use of asthma medications, antidepressants and antibiotics. He has been on the Quebec Medication Council since 2003 and on the Quebec Drug Utilization Review Committee from 1997 to 2003, both bodies being advisory to the Minister of Health regarding drug formulary and the promotion of the optimal use of prescription medications.

Research Interests

Optimal use of medications
Access to medications
Strategies to improve prescribing practices

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Recent Publications

Karl Weiss, Régis Blais, Anne Fortin, Sonia Lantin, Michel Gaudet
Maida J. Sewitch, Régis Blais, Elham Rahme, Brian Bexton, Sophie Galarneau
Maida J. Sewitch, Brian Bexton, Elham Rahme, Sophie Galarneau, Régis Blais