PPRC Membership

David Henry

President & CEO

Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

University of Toronto


Department of Medicine

University of Toronto

Adjunct Professor

School of Medicine and Population Health

University of Newcastle, Australia

Team Role: 
Senior Advisor


David Henry is a physician and clinical pharmacologist and has an interest in all aspects of medicines use by communities. He has worked in the fields of adverse drug effects and cost-effectiveness of drugs. He was a member of the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and chair of the Economics Sub-committee of PBAC 1993-2001. He has worked with the World Health Organization and has expertise in international systems for pricing of therapeutic drugs and rational processes for selecting drugs in resource poor settings.

Research Interests

Clinical pharmacology


The Eureka Skeptic’s Prize for Critical Thinking
Thomas Chalmer’s Prize for Evidence Based Medicine

Recent Publications

Andrew Searles, Evan Doran, Thomas A. Faunce, David Henry
Lee S. Simon, C. Vibeke Strand, Maarten Boers, Peter M. Brooks, Peter S. Tugwell, Claire Bombardier, James F. Fries, David Henry, Larry Goldkind, Others