Our Mission

The Pharmaceutical Policy Research Collaboration (PPRC) is a publicly funded network of university-based experts from across Canada. Our members share a commitment to conducting and communicating policy-relevant research with integrity.

Members of the PPRC conduct a wide variety of research studies, including surveys, qualitative research, policy analysis, economic evaluation, epidemiologic studies, and more. We also generate and promote systematic reviews of entire bodies of research to produce reliable syntheses of what is known on particular policy questions.


To help bring about pharmaceutical policies that produce measurable and sustainable improvements in the level and distribution of the health of all Canadians.


To better align pharmaceutical policy research with the needs of policy makers, professionals, and the public; and to make quality evidence on policy issues readily accessible to those who need it.

Core values

A desire to contribute to the public good through research that has integrity, relevance, and credibility.


Approaches to policy research and knowledge exchange that respect the need for experts to remain at arm’s length from policy makers and other stakeholders.


Pharmaceutical policy research of direct relevance to Canadians, informed by international policy experiences and collaborations wherever appropriate.