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Colette Raymond

Clinical Pharmacist

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

University of Manitoba

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Medicine

University of Manitoba

Clinical Assistant Professor

Faculty of Pharmacy

University of Manitoba

University of Toronto

Team Role: 
Team Member


Dr. Raymond is a clinical pharmacist and a researcher at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. Her research focuses on societal impacts that influence pharmaceutical use, including population characteristics and pharmaceutical policies such as formulary listing or formulary restriction. Other projects focus on appropriateness of prescribing.

Research Interests

Prescription drug utilization
Optimal use of medications in a population


Past recipient, Manitoba Health Research Council Studentship
Past recipient, Western Regional Training Centre Fellowship
Past recipient, Doctor of Pharmacy Fellowship

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Kimberley L Caouette, Colette B Raymond, Lindsay D Meyer, Nicholas Honcharik
Colette B. Raymond, Donna M. M. Woloschuk, Nick Honcharik
Colette Raymond, Colleen Metge, Silvia Alessi-Severini, Matthew Dahl, Jennifer Schultz, Wendy Guenette